Renoise handling of VSTs with built-in sequencers

Why is it that the NOTE-OFF command is always ignored when a VST has a built-in sequencer? I’ve mostly come across this with Roland Cloud instruments (such as the 303, 808 etc.) and with some Kontakt instruments. Also XLN Audio XO. TBH it seems like this is mostly an issue with sequencers in drum VSTs.

Most of the time you don’t even need to trigger the sequence with a note in the pattern editor. It just starts playing as soon as i hit space, whether there’s a note in the track or not, and the only way to stop it seems to be to mute the track completely. I’m not even sure if this is a Renoise issue or just an issue with DAWs in general, but it drives me crazy not being able to trigger a Roland 303 sequence for example with a note in the pattern editor, and NOTE-OFF when i want it to stop. As it is now i have to automate the track volume to go to 0, but that doesn’t take into account any in-VST effects there might be (delay or whatever) like a NOTE-OFF would do. It just cuts everything off entirely.

Am i missing something?

I also own XLN XO. You cant trigger your drum pattern in XLN XO via notes. You can only your trigger drum slots. It has nothing to do with Renoise. It depends how the VSTi is implemented.