Renoise Hardware Implementation

Time for my first totally useless post in here. Probably not, but I’ll do it anyway.

So… I was in a hospital once again. There’s all kinds of bad stuff modern medicine can (try to) fix. It was totally helpless against an “acute deficiency of Renoise”. And I’m no doc but that threatens to become chronic.
Laptops and netbooks suck, they distract from being creative (or at least trying to) with all their other programs and availability of teh interwebs totally destroys what’s left.

So I want ASIC implementation of Renoise. Preferably with LED screen as I use dark theme. Where I can has one? Kthxbai.

I was brainstorming this a few years ago,
and now after having just written a bunch of ideas I had on it. and then deleting it.
I now realize how exceptionally bad of an overall idea it was.
Actual hardware version(s) of trackers could only really be made as art,
because they would be excessively impractical as hard light.

Buy one of these:
No hardware tracker but it will definitely boost your productivity. :)

hardware renoise:

Wow, their demo video is a little movie where you have to wait for 5 minutes before you even see the thing. =(

Renoise V23 with oldskool theme/layout.

broguht to you from, the future.

Check one of my own videos then:

LOL, well played! But won’t the guys be complaining about limited amount of pattern resolution and amount of tracks? :lol: