renoise have the best sampler

(thanatos) #1

(fladd) #2

It does not… :slight_smile:

(The Empty Self) #3

MAYBE THERE are some wild powerful samples out there …and even sample based synths .(Romplers)

but the fact that Renoise its build around a sampler makes the work with the audio inside the sampler …a big deal…

you cant run…the CDP tool inside kontakt jejeje…

(thanatos) #4

to have full use nd understand how is to be done

(thanatos) #5

why can’t upload this pack to the renoise download ?

(thanatos) #6

it would be grezt to upload all the waveform into a zip in the download page to track oldschool with the modern sampler

(gentleclockdivider) #7

That adventure kid waveform pack is well known by now .

I admire your enthusiasm and upload efforts , but maybe it’s wise to search the forum from now and then .

Renoise is a great sampler , sure …but there is a lot it doesn’t do .

Check out TAL sampler …simple effective , audio reate lfo , automating loop points etc …

(ffx) #8

Adding grain capabilities to sample synth:

(boonier) #9

What would be a nice addition is a feature for sample groups - you’d manage it in the left hand panel and it would be collapsible/re-order-able etc - but being able to have a modulation lane for the group would be super nice.

Nesting groups would be handy.

And being able to re-order the amp and filter stages.

(oise) #10

I’m in love with Renoise sampler(s). The only limitation is my laptop CPU.