Renoise & Image Line Vocodex: will it work?

I currently have my eye on the Image Line Vocodex plugin because it seems like a great tool to create some awesome synthesized vocals. I’ve been looking around on the internet, and all I see is examples of how to use the plugin within Fruity Loops. Apparently one should send the output of a separate vocal and synth track to a send track which contains the dsp and then you should be able to select the tracks in the external editor itself. I’ve downloaded a demo version of the plugin, but i can’t seem to select the tracks containing the vocals and the synths in the external editor. Before I decide whether I am going to buy the plugin I would like to know if the plugin will work with Renoise. Has anybody used the plugin successfully?
I’ll keep screwing around a bit myself in hopes of getting it to work as well.

EDIT ================================

If anyone is interested in knowing the answer:

Yes, it can work. However, it does not work using the track selector inside the plugin.

You would need to enable ‘L-R Encoding’


and make sure you send the synth output and vocal track to the send track on which you put the Vocodex dsp.

In order to get any result i had to pan the synths and vocals right and left respectively





I am definately considering to buy this plugin. The quality is great!

I used the same technic with the free TAL Vocoder and it works perfectly.

So I can imagine it also works fine with Image Line Vocodex.

But for a strange reason, I don’t see Image Line Vododex in Renoise effects…

I’m sure it is scaned when I rescan VST plugins, but it doesn’t appear in Renoise (even after relaunch)…

Do you know why?

(I have purchased and registered both Renoise v3.1 and FL Studio v12.4 on my computer)

Can verify, it works in Renoise. I think it’s the best software vocoder, by far, if what you want is clarity and a wide range of possible sounds.

edit: woopd, durrr, you already figured it out. But yeah, great plugin, no need for another vocoder.

Can someone explain how to use Vocodex in Renoise.

I tried with Renoise 32 and Renoise 64, but I never see Vocodex in VST/VSTi…

I rescaned my VST/VSTi folders, I see that Image Line Vocodex is scaned, but after that, nothing more in my dropdown lists…

Is there another way to achieve this?

HELP!! :’(