Renoise In A Box & Sample Packs.

I really like Renoise and I’d really like to spread the word about this software and support the dev team in the meantime. Since renoise is so cheap in the first hand it would make a good candidate for a birthday gift. I have many friends that makes music, and i’ve tryed to persuade some to try the demo, some liked it a lot and still does, some didn’t have time to even try it out yet.

What i would like to see is a boxed version of renoise with a good set of samples instruments tutorials etc included, maybe for a bit higher price. The box adds value and many people i asked to try out the demo don’t even get how to load samples make instruments etc. It’s too different from other software if you never used anything else.
There’s a lot of renoise artist out there, and I’m one of them and I’d love to contribute with sample packs for instance. I make most of my stuff from scratch and don’t use VSTi’s very much. Would be nice to make a lil coin and reputation as well by submitting packs for other users to download.

Back to topic…

It would be a perfect gift if i could order a boxed version of renoise (not demo), with sample pakcs, a getting started manual, some songs and tutorials. and give it to my friends. It would centanly appeal more to them than sending them a link to download a demo. A boxed version also seems more pro and valuable and I’d buy another one of those just to keep one in my shelf. =)

what do you think?

Well, a boxed version would require a completely different distribution-channel, you need to find a company who could copy/print the cds, make the box and put all together. Which is not very easy/cheap I guess. Apart from that this won’t really work with all the updates and the personalised versions, as I see it this would mean that taktik has to have some thousand boxes in his basement and send a package out whenever someone orders a boxed version. Something tells me he won’t be happy about that.

However, the sample-library-idea is not bad, I would even volunteer to do some samples for that.

This library could be sold using one of the existing CD/DVD-on-Demand services, there are a few around (could google/check my bookmarks if you need).

Boxed editions
A boxed edition would raise the price to an unacceptable height.

An idea to do something with trade-in vouchers might be a better alternative as a gift rather than doing a boxed edition.

Currently we have a private dev-topic about generating a sample library to pass along with users.
If you want to submit samples there are a few rules:

The samples should be license free public domain, they may not come from commercial sample libraries (wether digitally processed or not) and when using VST synth plugins, their licenses should not limit you to personal use of the generated audio. (albeit a bit harder to prove that sounds are generated with a specific synth).

Use of internal instrument envelope effects in Renoise are ofcourse allowed.

I was more thinking about drumloops and stuff like that, since that is my field of expertice (?) so to speak.

Hmmm I was thinking maybe there were online options like there is for CD’s, Clothes Etc, where you basically just send them the Files, Album cover, CD print, T-Shirt print and they handle all the sales and distribution and takes some percentage of that. I guess services like that doesnt charge very much. I guess it would cost some, but all investments do. And they don’t have to stack all the stuff in their basement.

It takes money to make money, but i guess money isn’t what motivates the Renoise team. Renoise is their “hobby” and they don’t even have a company registered, so this might be an option if the dev team decided to go for it, rather than keeping renoise an “underground” softwere with a small but dedicated group of users and fans.

It would be fun to see what the devs plan for the future of renoise, what motivates them, what they get out of all their work, and what their personal ideas of where renoise is heading, and what they want out of it.

What is the rules for hardware synths? Can you sample process and post it in a sample pack? I guess you could, cuz you certanly can if you buy a drumset and sample the drums and post a pack of your samples. I have a small personal dislike of VSTi’s, especially when using them in a program like renoise. I kinda like the Reason approach where they are integrated in the UI. If the renoise RNI adds lot of more stuff like discussed in other threads I’d never use a VSTi again. Now i do it cuz limitations of what you can do with the samples you load in renoise.

Sample packs is the old tracker way and seem more solid, Generated sounds … well i love how some of them sound, but i wish i could just choose a VSTi i like and buy all the sounds in the bank as wav files.

Anyway something that’s quite strange. Theoreticaly, I could buy a commercial sample pack and genrate a simple song just consisting of a beat from that samplepack and probably make money of the song if it somehow got popular. I could even sue someone if they stole or sampled “MY” beat from that song. I bought it so it mine… But i can’t post the same loop from the samplepack without having to worry about legal problems.

Strange world we live in. …

it kinda makes sense, because else I could take a 99 bucks sample-cd, just copy it and sell it for 49 bucks. see the reason ?

Yeah ,well i didn’ty made up those rules, but on this board we have to be careful with what we accept and tolerate.
But if you use the samplepack for your purpose of composing music, the library developer expect you to set a copyright notice on that as well.
The actual point is that their library doesn’t end up in freely available packs, i don’t really think they care if someone would ripp a drumsequence from your song that was 100% pure taken from their library.
They can’t dictate you how exactly you should use their material.

Phat idea Mr.A

Yeah that would rule.

However, I am a geek and a control freak. I know for a fact that when I see some bloke in a suit playing with it in Loft in Omiya it will take every last fibre of my being to hold back from stepping in and giving an extensive and very dull lesson to the poor dude who was only having a look out of curiosity. Haha.

The more units sold however, the better. More money to the devs = more time they can devote to it = more rad features and tweaks.

There is a Typhoon about to hit Japan (as I type this, things are going mental outside my window).

Related to the boxed edition:
Theoretically it wouldn’t be a problem to sell Renoise on a CD with some extra sample stuff, a printed manual, a keyboard shortcut poster and a beautiful package around it. Those supplied samples or VSTs could be commercial stuff, too… Taktik could speak to Native Instruments (placed in the same town) for a special edition or something like this from their big software pool. Similar to the CDs you get in magazines, etc.
Of course, all that extra stuff makes the software more expensive. But why not? A nifty retail edition which you can buy at your local store is always (or in most cases) higher priced than a download version or bulk stuff.

But in practice, the production and publishing part is too expensive (not to mention the marketing stuff).
I’m working at a software developer and publisher which sells boxed versions of our and third party products in Europe so I know some of the expensive details.
Maybe it’s cheaper to let the Chinese do it… but maybe they rip off your ideas and make their own tracker. :D


Boxed version would be nice indeed. I would buy it ! :)

However i understand that the cost of actually getting it produced is high. Offcourse this would also
have to do with volumes. The more volume the cheaper production but greater risk involved.

What you could do was makie a “sign on list” here in the forum or a poll maybe.
First you would need to go ahead and ask some distroes and get some offers. Like say you would
like to produce 5.000 copies how much would this cost. Shouldent be to hard work to get
the total pricing for this. then you could take up preorders for a retail package. When or if you get
enough preorders you know that the economics gonna add up. then you could get it produced and shipped.

But you need to figure out the optimal volume and how many preorders you need. This aint to difficult :)
When you get an estimated price per box you could set up a preorderlist.

Can’t we make a boxed version as a sort of merchandising? I like the idea of a box, if only because it would be cool to display on a shelf. But I don’t see distribution channels picking it up.

So: people could preorder the box exclusively online. If 1000 is reached (for example), a box can be designed and made a disc pressed. Perhaps even documentation? So my idea is something just for the fans, like the “Red & Blue” series on DVD (just an example, only ever seen 1 episode). Noone but fans buy this sort of stuff.

make your own box. just eat an extra portion of cornflakes in the morning and you’ll have a box in no time. then just print out a4 paper with the renoise logo on it and stickytape ot on :) :P ;)

I just heard that having the internet running is now more polluting than the cars. I don’t know if that’s true, seems incredible huh?!

Anyway can you guess my point? :D

All i would want of physical nature ( regarding Renoise ;) ) is a top fancy manual.

Consider this thread bumped :)
I got in the right sort of spirit today, and want to buy a Renoise license for a friend.

Thing is, I want the to keep it a secret.

If I knew when the confirmation email has been delivered, I could write him a personal message telling him that it’s a present, and that it’s OK to download the software.

Otherwise, he might write it off as some kind of scam

Is this sort of thing possible?

You could write his personal logon data handwritten in a birthday card and send this to his home address (snailmail). That’s for sure not interpreted as spam.

Yeah, I thought so.
Better start writing that card today, as he doesn’t live here in .dk!

BTW it’s a christmas present - best one I could think of :wink: