Renoise In Gaming......?

Many game developers used and still using XM files in their games.

Is it possible to use RNS files in Gaming??

I will not use VST plugins just small wav samples so as to make the RNS file as small as I can.

For example I want to make music for a PDA Game and I dont want an MP3 file because is too Large.

Is there any code in .NET available or a dll file I can use so as to play RNS music in the Game?

Thanks :)

Renoise does no have any separate player, so that isn’t possible (today). You can find lot of other threads about this in the forum if you make a search ;)

for example a search into the forum FAQ (pinned into General Discussion forum), where the lack of a player is clearly stated :)

i’m quite the reverse here would suggest make auto attach vst *.dll files into *.rns. i think it would work with simple plugins.

you mean save the VST-DLLs with a RNS song ? thats impossible because of software-piracy.

i meant simple, freeware, one-file, no-install-needed, i-don’t-care-about-piracy… DLLs…

I’ve readed the whole VST SDK and there is no

bIsSimpleFreewareOneFileNoInstallNeededDon’tCareAboutPiracy boolean variable into it, so how should ReNoise decide if a DLL could be attached or not?

I cannot imagine that game developers want to spent most of their cpu cycles to play music in a game using vst(i). That is why they prefer .XM or do I miss a point here? Do you mean pre-rendering before playing the song?

p.s. Maybe you could check out this site if you really want to go into mobile/pda music…

renoise should attach all used in the rns dlls if you set such mode of saving by turing on some button or whatever. so can use it only if you’re sure all dll that you’ve used in the song are freeware.

sorry, in view that renoise doen’t have external player and original topic is pointless because the player has been suggested already i’ve put some own thought which ain’t related to the topic.