Renoise In Slave Mode

I believe renoise does not handle incoming midi clock properly. The problem is, as reported before, that renoise is repeatly jumping back one row during playback (kinde playing each note twice or more).
First i thought it may be cause by the renoise’s speed setting, but chainging it didnt fix the steppy playback.

Maybe it has something to do with patterns. Because sometimes it seemed to work for a very short time and became steppy again as soon as the next pattern started.

I tested this with midiox. It can generate both, midi clock and mtc. That’s pretty cool, this would by my way of syncing my HD-recorder to renoise.

Here is how to reproduce what i am talking about:

Download and install MidiOx and MidiYoke from
Open MidiOX, Options->Midi Devices, then highlight the MidiYoke device in the output field.
Now start renoise, select the MidiYoke device for slave mode in the config menu and put renoise into slave mode by clicking on the Midi Slave checkbox to the upper left.
Back in MidiOx open View->Midi Sync and hit the play-button.

Wait until the end of the pattern is reached and you will see what i mean by steppy. Could anybody test this? So i’d know if it’s just my machine/config or actually Renoise.

It’s weird. I mean some users reported that syncing to Reason works like charm. How did they make it?

Any help appreciated,