Renoise install Macintosh external drive

Hi there,

New to Renoise, I’ve been tracking on the Dirtywave M8 for a year and want to check out Renoise!
But I’m also new to Macintosh (just bought a laptop for work) and I don’t understand how to install Renoise on an external SSD.
I’ve downloaded the demo, and put the install program on the external drive. When I launch it from there, it just opens a blank window with Renoise and a few tutorials, and I can directly launch Renoise from this window. But I don’t see any application on the Mac. I can only see the Renoise folder in the Documents, containing the User library forlder.

So I don’t understand: is Renoise only located on the external disk? And is there a way to move the Renoise folder directly on the external drive? I’d like to have a clean portable install on the external drive with nothing on the ocmputer (I have very low storage on this crap).

Thanks a lot for your help!