Renoise Instruments For Download?

Are there any collections of pre-made Renoise instruments available for download anywhere?

registered users of Renoise 2.0 can download a special samples collection directly from the backstage where they downloaded their registered copy of Renoise.

sorry, forgot to mention free samples at Loop project

Besides what comes with Renoise there is a big samplepack for registered users and then you can always download the BeatBattle sample packs (or submissions) and strip instruments from there.
Also the SDCompo site has many entries with ready to rumble instruments in the song submissions although, besides .XRNS, MOD, XM and IT is also allowed i believe.
(ofcourse the samplepacks are available as well)

Thanks for the suggestions. I forgot about the backstage stuff. Will check out.

I just discovered that Extreme Sample Converter on the PC will write Renoise instrument files. If, like me, you have a bunch of sample libraries hanging around in other formats, this is an easy way to get a bunch of ready-to-use Renoise instruments quickly.

You might have to tweak some of the envelopes etc once you load the resulting XRNI files, but they’re not bad.