Renoise iOS - again

I see a suggestion from back in june 2017. its feb 2k20 iOS has grown incredibly along with the power of iOS devices. I love korg gadget, its sick, and demonstrates even an iphone XR is a device capable of legit high quality audio production. Gadget is the best available but if i had access to the capabilities of renoise along with all the great iOS audio units on the go it would revolutionize creation for myself and surely quite a few other people. The touch interface could be utilized in fun and interesting ways and thus increase the potential for renoise as a live performance tool considerably. Is it time for this yet in anyone else’s minds ?

Lets brainstorm on how to best add touch controls to renoise for the better and see what this community can come up with. obviously time shouldn’t be wasted on an android port, they just don’t pay for stuff on that platform, not a comment on quality just the behavior of users.

i prefer Redux as AUM plug-in
especially fo Patterning, its more flexible (Grid) an faster (Touch optimized) on iOS as an Tracker (Keyboard) Interface.