Renoise iOS - again

I see a suggestion from back in june 2017. its feb 2k20 iOS has grown incredibly along with the power of iOS devices. I love korg gadget, its sick, and demonstrates even an iphone XR is a device capable of legit high quality audio production. Gadget is the best available but if i had access to the capabilities of renoise along with all the great iOS audio units on the go it would revolutionize creation for myself and surely quite a few other people. The touch interface could be utilized in fun and interesting ways and thus increase the potential for renoise as a live performance tool considerably. Is it time for this yet in anyone else’s minds ?

Lets brainstorm on how to best add touch controls to renoise for the better and see what this community can come up with. obviously time shouldn’t be wasted on an android port, they just don’t pay for stuff on that platform, not a comment on quality just the behavior of users.

i prefer Redux as AUM plug-in
especially fo Patterning, its more flexible (Grid) an faster (Touch optimized) on iOS as an Tracker (Keyboard) Interface.

Hi everyone, I’m new to the forum as I haven’t tried Renoise yet.

But I find the idea of running a tracker on a pocketable device like an iPhone/iPad very interesting.

Sure there will be needed some adaptation for touch screen devices, you can’t just port the software with the same UI as it’s a lot based on keyboard input.

The portability aspect and the proximity of the screen to the user I believe really makes sense and I believe there should at least be an attempt to adapt.

I may try SunVox or VividTracker in the meantime, but are there any other choices at the moment on iOS ?

You will have eyes of a hawk!

So the first thing you do when entering for the first time in the forum is make re guests and never used Renoise before.You must be 10 years old i guess or i troll from apple

Is this the way new users are welcomed in this forum ? I would expect to be better welcomed even if I actually was 10 years old.
Is renoise like a closed club we have to show skills and anteriority to be accepted ?
I’m actually exploring the demo right now. I have been using mainly Ableton since almost its first editions.
I find the concept of trackers very interesting for having really discovered it on recently announced devices such as the Polyend Tracker or the Xor pocket tracker.
And yes I find it would be interesting to have serious attempt to make an iOS (or Android) tracker DAW, and it looks like I’m not the only one, even in this forum.
Renoise knew how to modernise trackers from the 80s style to today’s. So it’s probably a good challenge to try repeating this with mobile devices.
Sorry for disturbing the legacy way of thinking and not being part of this legacy !


stoiximan Έτσι με καλωσορίζεις ; :slight_smile:

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Neurononeuro Do you know the BYSC technique ? (Bring your screen closer) :slight_smile:

And that’s what kids do. Playin’ grab-ass on their portable Nintendo. What you’ve got is a good idea for people with an actual desire to strap an iPad to their face :grinning: Really, I’m joking. That being said, I’m way too old to be messing around with music on a portable device other than field recording with a microphone. Good luck, hawk-eye!

Neurononeuro I have found my creativity to be better on the move than sat on a desk. Even if that might not be good for my eyes.

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There’s some trackers on iOS already and none of them feel natural to use (the three off the top of my head are SunVox, VividTracker and SidTracker64). I would really like to have just the sampler engine as an AUv3 plugin. Sorta like an even more stripped down Redux. Just one instrument, no patterns (or, no pattern editing?); instead, just have the keyzones, waveform, modulation and effects tabs. I would kill for this! I’ve been more and more transitioning to Renoise from Ableton Live and being able to load instruments I create on desktop on iOS would be amazing!!

I really like AUM and using AUv3 midi plugins. The sampler in BeatMaker 3 is pretty much the most comparable to Renoise (since you can do a LOT of modulation, etc). But, the sequencer in BM3 … I hate it … it is NOT for me (not to mention, it crashes so so so often). Having the Renoise sampler engine as an AUv3 plugin would be pretty much the best thing.

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cykranoh I think technically as per the way iOS works, it can be both a standalone app and provide an aum interface for third-party apps.

Actually, with the most recent iPadOS, mouse and keyboard are a lot more … integrated … so, maybe using a tracker wouldn’t feel as awkward using mouse and keyboard … but, touchscreen trackers just feel … weird. Though, a standalone version that can also load AUv3 plugins would be really cool. I don’t think you can load an AUv3 plugin inside of another AUv3 plugin, though? So, I don’t think you could build an instrument that uses external plugins in the standalone app and then load that instrument in an AUv3 version of it? As far as I’ve seen, this isn’t possible?

But, there are plenty of AUv3 plugins that are “self-hosted” for standalone usage (at least, I assume that’s how they’re doing that, so that they wouldn’t have to rework much of the code).

At least I will have learned something in this forum if I look at the two first responses I got.
It looks like iOS software is just for kids :slightly_smiling_face:

cycranosh I know there are music apps that are both standalone full fledged apps and can also present as aum virtual devices. Most synths are so. But you are right, it’s not sure if these can also load aum plugins. I’ve mostly seen this in synth apps, not daws. If true that would mean that should remain two different apps/projects. And the aum plugin of redux could be a good starting point before experimenting renoise on a touch interface.

I am sorry but you sounded like a troll in your first post and was about to flag you.Anyway welcome and no hard feelings ok φιλαράκι?:blush:


What @stoixman said - welcome!


stoiximan I prefer that ! btw for the anecdote. I have worked for Apple a long while ago. Hopefully that didn’t make of me an Apple troll yet :slight_smile:

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Try out SunVox on an iPad (or, iPhone, but it’s basically unusable even on a larger screen one … that, or, I’m just old and blind haha). The tracker interface feels clunky as all hell. The actual synth engine in SunVox is amazing! I’ve been considering just building interesting instruments on desktop SunVox to load onto my iPad, because … just about everything that’s cross-platform that’s also on on iOS just feels so fiddly.

I have a 5th or 6th gen iPad and I bought a cheapo stylus to use with it. And, honestly, that’s been a HUGE help!! It makes precise editing a LOOOOOT easier! Like, trying to edit Audio Damage’s Axon is actually possible now!! :smiley: But, I think a stylus approach to SunVox (or, Renoise/Redux on iOS) might be better overall.

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cykranosh what about an iPad with keyboard/trackpad combo accessory ? That would make for a good on-the go tracker, with lots of capacity for samples or sound sources built in.