Renoise + IPad + duet = remote mixer

I’ve waited for the detachable mixer for so long :slight_smile: it’s here !

If you own an iPad do yourself a favour and buy Duet which turns your iPad into an additional screen for your computer (even windows… probably not Linux).

Bonus features : it works wireless over WiFi (or usb cable if you prefer). Duet detects the iPad if it uses the same WiFi as the computer

Bonus feature : touch works (single only, tho)

So, you can lean back, or walk around adjusting levels and effects parameters

Even with a standard iPad, the resolution is sufficient (after touching a parameter just move your finger away to see what you are doing) if you own a 2018 iPad, it’s even better with an apple pen.

Finally, we have the ultimate controller at our finger tips… I can’t wait to mix a whole song !


Any app like this for Android?

Not that I know of. Google gave me a couple of interesting links :

If anyone has tested a good solution, please add it below :wink:

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