Renoise Ipad?

I know its crazy. really hard idea. and probably a lot of work. but…

pretty pretty please. with sugar on top!

This has been asked before and I still think think it would be so awkward with how keyboard-centric renoise is.
There’s heaps of iOS music alternatives already.

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True, I had figured it had been asked before. :walkman: I will totally let it go. I apreciate your reply, even though I should have searched the forum. Actually, I think as musicians, we are still kinda stuck with desktops and laptops, because tablets make a lot of music related things very difficult… like keeping all your samples, really having enough room for all your crazy vst/au products… lol… but mostly samples, cause libraries get so big so fast… and ofcourse processing power on the tablets, may not be there yet for mastering, and also the synth masters out there, who are loading up 10 reaktor instances… lol

One of the reasons i thought ipad would be great, is touch screen… but hey… we don’t know what the next ten years will bring.



You can also attach a touch-screen to your desktop. (Nowadays a good 21 or 24 inch touch-screen is cheaper than a touchpad) The next trick is whining for multitouch features in Renoise.

If Renoise, Reactable and Sunvox had a baby, I would be compelled to buy that baby.

Reactable would just pollute the gene pool… I’d replace that with max or supercollider =) maybe a dash of ableton live… but there’s already a bit of ableton dna in renoise…

“Keyboard-centric” tools like trackers have already shown to be adaptable to the touchscreen workflow of the iPad by the likes of SunVox and Sinusoid.

You can get bluetooth keyboard to ipad so it’s not a problem. There is even protective covers for ipad that has build in keyboard.
Renoise for ipad… i don’t see the point. I don’t think it can work well as in desktop or laptop computers.

I think the point would be that the iPad is far more portable and immediate to use than laptops and that you can take advantage of the multitouch touchscreen workflow.

Dissenting viewpoint:

IMHO the QWERTY keyboard is as much a multi-touch interface as a screen, if not more so, and a high quality 13 inch laptop is just as portable.

A more interesting approach would be how Propellerheads approached it with Figure. Build a new product for “iPad” instead of kludging something together that doesn’t work.

Really don’t see the “advanteages” of touchscreen. I understand portability but so far haven’t seen any decent iOS ports of desktop music apps, even though most of them are less keyboard driven than renoise. I admit that i haven’t tried them all though. ;)
I guess it’s kinda “cool” to tune sliders with your fingers but in my opinion there isn’t any real advantage, at least if you have mouse and keyboard to use, or even better, midi-controller.

I think prop heads, as a company has lost their edge. Although I haven’t tried the specific product mentioned in this thread, their other offerings mobile or not, since reason v4… Have not interested me, or in the case of some of their mobile, have totally dissappointed me. Unlike Steinberg… Lol. Cubase 6.5 is hot! Expensive, but way hot. Really considering that as an Xmas purchase. Cause Abe live still doesn’t do audio like that, nor reaper, and I dunno, just wow! Cubase 6.5

Anyways, keyboard doesn’t equal touchscreen IMO… And Renoise iPad might exponentially grow the Renoise user base… Many people will not be buying or replacing MacBook, MacBook pro, Mac pro etc… + I only seen so far Ik multi, doing a good job on mobile. Amplitube mobile is awesome. + any tracker as great and featured, and well made, and technologically up to date as Renoise? I don’t think so

  • Tablet ease-of-use tends to be far superior to that of the PC – this “high usability culture” means tablet apps are pressured into being easy or being dead
  • Much easier to use multiple tablets than multiple PCs
  • Multitouch is huge: when you first lay down a whole beat in 4 hand gestures, you’ll see what I’m talking about
  • Social is huge: “sharing culture” pressures apps to enable sharing for everything from minutiae to the magnum opus – the creative pool will explode with new concepts at the “high achievers” end
  • Connectivity, collaboration opportunity and inputs are unparalleled: wi-fi/bluetooth/NFC/3G connect with others on the fly, they can “drive your beast” or vice versa. Microphones and cameras become natural musical inputs. The DAW (PAW?), the instrument, the composer and the group have become a completely fluid and seamless entity with very natural feedback loops as part of the system, paving the way for incredible possibilities such as never-ending, real-time, dynamic compositions – as the clonal colony is to plants, this could be to music.

The possibilities are mind-numbing, the sense of freedom and creative expression, giddying.

Well I think so, anyway :slight_smile:

VividTracker, Amiga mod tracker is coming soon to iOS:

Renoise installed on an ipad with a bluetooth qwerty keyboard on the side would be awesome!!!