Renoise is creating unsolicited attack and release envelopes on amplitude

I’m exporting audio which is simply samples of single cycle waveforms creating pitched drones, quantised to 16 beats - loops which I can load into hardware samplers for analog signal processing. But in the exported audio, every time the pitch changes, I got a volume spike and some distortion. It’s just single cycle waveforms… Why would the volume change at all? Then I exported it with gaps in between pitch changes and the problem goes away. Renoise creates amplitude release for no reason. I checked the amp modulation and there is nothing, the sample should just end. I guess they are trying to get rid of pops but I’d rather have something transparent and deal with the pops myself. It also has some attack. To replicate real instruments maybe? I don’t want it to do this. This also means tracks aren’t really monophonic, since the artifical release envelope creates an overlap (which is what was causing my volume spikes and distortion). Do all daws work like this? 15905636058631624608916267864975|375x500 15905638820001396296488222297957 15905657631231377666064490324301 15905658357167604195841586342243

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There is no amplitude modulation on the instrument. It should just come on full volume and end abruptly. , look at the curves they are not linear, it’s something in the way renoise handles (streams?) audio (?)

Changing the interpolation settings on the instrument (couldn’t find anything in export settings?) changes the result a bit. Linear is the best. Sinc and cubic both introduce some tiny bits of distortion in the rendered wave, linear reproduces it exactly like the original single cycle waveform sample. 15905672617098712973996899833212

See Does note off play one tick of a sample? for an explanation.
Renoise (actually all samplers will do this) quickly fades out sample playback when stopping notes to avoid clicks.

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Thanks for your response. That’s what I thought. I’d prefer it if it didn’t automatically do this - it does offer control over amplitude envelopes, after all. Or at least, there was an option to disable this. Or it could look ahead and apply the effect as decay rather than release. On another note, I’d LOVE frequency or phase modulation synthesis built into the instruments if there is ever an update… That would be so powerful

Does Amiga protracker have ‘anti click’ measures applied?

Anyway don’t quote me on any of this but I think with a lot of samplers the user release value (and probably the attack value) doesn’t allow the user to dial all the way down to 0.0ms (i.e. what we assume is perfectly cut samples.) Renoise with its release value of 0.0ms in the AHDSR can kinda give the slight impression to the user that you are going to get perfectly cut sample transitions. I think Ableton applies a quick non linear (exponential?) volume fade from its sampler for its ‘anti click’. I don’t know in Ableton if it is possible to get no anti click volume fade by placing rendered samples directly next to each other on the track however.