renoise is great but

two things i miss: (sorry if these have been brought up already)

1. hardware i/o renoise plugin with latency correction

a simple way to insert external fx on tracks/groups/busses + a single click ping and latency correction as in logic 9:

2. dedicated freeze button

i know there is a specific tool but that’s a pain to work with if you are doing more complex arrangement with several frozen tracks

looking forward for R3, good luck devs! :walkman:

i suggest getting a better pc solves the problem with freeze Button, you simply dont need this nowadays?!

my guess, it would be a new mac, not pc. and i can understand a specific fear to update in apple-verse these days. just sayin.
otherwise, yes getting a new machine could solve it.

  1. isnt this possible already via iac driver and soundflower?

Try running a few instances of Diva. You might run into some problems.

I kill Renoise sometimes too with Carbon and Photone and Akkord. But it might also help to check my own Reaktor structures for overloading stuff with more events/triggers than necessary…

Are you serious? What kind of PC are you talking about that couldnt possibly be maxxed out with track count, effects and instruments?

nope, not without latency. no way to compensate this latency

exactly this. record a 4 note voicing-thingy, layer it with three diva’s and hear your CPU suffer (even a moderate i7)

not that i’m making a sport out of it but i can max out renoise quite easy using a lot of groups and busses, even without using heavy VST/AU ;)

neopan, @ freeze button: you mean select+‘render to sample’ should rather render to a clip that shows up in the track like in other daws?
because actually the render to sample function is quite sufficient afaik

yeah i mean that, render to sample is great but sometimes i want to render several patterns from one track (esp melodic stuff, which i tend to program in shorter patterns for convenience)

Hmm…don’t quite understand. How can one render several patterns from one track?
Or how exactly is Renoises “freezing” feature designed wrong?..

edit: ooh, i got it. you want that you can render several patterns from one track with one command. hah. yep, impossible.

You want a tool that actually does this for you:

And then load the output back into a new instrument right?