Renoise keeps crashing when I press save

Keep losing progress on tracks because of this :frowning:

Literally on the moment i press control + s the whole thing shuts down without warning.

Not even a crash save.

Anyone else having this?

Plugins being used:

  • Audio Damage Dubstation + Kombinat
  • Melda Audio EQ
  • The Glue compressor
  • Valhalla Room
  • Tal Audio UNO LX
  • Lounge Lizard
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Try disable plugins one by one and see if it saves then.Audio Damage haw very buggy plugins at least in Linux where i work on


Thanks mate - I’m now rendering sounds that have Audio Damage plugins on them and that seems to be stopping the problem.

The Renoise tape delay is actually pretty good so using that now.

Any good suggestions for a distortion / saturation plugin to replace Kombinat?

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what does Renoise log file say? Perhaps there are hints and the plugin manufacturer(s) can fix the problem for the future.

Cant help you with that as i only use built in Renoise devices.I think the Analog Filter device in Renoise apply s saturation

The native Distortion effect is pretty versatile. Put it into Fold mode and reduce the Tone a bit for some really great saturation. Keep the Dry Mix at -INF and lower the wet mix to match your bypassed volume. Use a VU meter to even out your levels for a proper A/B and you’ll hear how great it can sound. If used subtly, it can make things “prettier” and get them to sit in the mix better without you ever hearing distortion.

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This is a really nice tip. Inspired me to create a doofer with native renoise plugins to help colour the sound: light distortion --> exciter --> cabinet --> analog filter drive --> high pass filter --> gain reduction

Cabinet and filter are only light touch. Cabinet on very small wet input and the filter is completely open apart from a touch of drive. This has been working nicely across my busses.

The doofer’s great so I can link to the knobs I want to tweak without getting lost in the chains.

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@Lethargik As mentioned above: Please also post your log file, so we get an idea what could go wrong here. You’ll find the log file by selecting the “Help” -> “Show the Logfile…” menu entry in Renoise.