Renoise Keyboard Shortcuts For Modal Dialogs

In the sample editor, one can access functions via shortcuts (ie: F10 for Gain). Is it possible to access the resulting modal dialog and change values via keyboard shortcuts alone?


I’m trying to follow you here, what resulting modal dialog are you speaking of?
You mean the value parameter dialogs?
They don’t have existing shortcuts at all.

That’s right, keyboard shortcuts for any modal dialogs really. With reference to this thread I’m thinking about the Adjust Sample Volume dialog in the Sample Editor.

Is there even a cursory way to access the dialog parameters with tabs and the directional keys (for value changes) ? I’m basically looking for a way to not use the mouse.

Many wish for this. +111

Unfortunately not, All dialogs are DirectDraw generated, so if they have handles at all, they are only reachable by Renoise.
At least could not fetch any properties using tools coming with AutoIT3, these only work on COMMDLG frames.
Though you might be able to set a sequence of clicks and keyshortcuts to press using AutoIT3 or AutoHotkey based mainly on the Renoise main screen, but if something fails on the way, mouse-clicks end up somewhere in vain.

Cool, thanks for following up. A nice enhancement none the less.

I added this to the “keyboard issues” thread I made earlier, with a link back to this thread. I put it under Can’t navigate certain windows or UI areas with the keyboard -point. It’s annoying for sure.