Renoise Lan Party

Have you ever wondered how cool it would be to have LAN party where you compose music together with Shared music system (Renoise).
It would be amazing somehow be able to put sort of server renoise and then other computer would connect to this and they could all work
in real time on the same music piece. The program would track everybodys changes and then sort of commit the new stuff to all the members.
Then everybody would have the “newest” version all the time on their computer and they would be able to play this piece of art. Also they
could keep in touch with their “band members” with chat OR with microphone etc. This was just a really wack idea when I remembered the old
times when had LAN parties to play games and stuff. Now nobody wants to play anymore so much, but this same idea would kick ass in music composing,
in a social way :) Include this to Renoise and I will donate you some money for sure! and of course buy another license :)


btw. if anyone interested, check my music at

!not to mention that this kind of feature would boost renoise’s value against other competitors.

Think about this: Timbaland’s 50 head producer team could work as smaller teams more easily and produce you a loads of shit in no time XD…oh my gosh, now when
I think…please don’t do it! :D

hahaha, great idea, no idea about the practical application of this, but really cool idea nonetheless.

theres a sequencer that does work like this… i forgot the name though. :unsure:

ohm studio, that’s it!

but this would be awesome in renoise as well! but I guess you need quite a big develop team for a job like that to make it work correctly etc etc… ;)

you mean a jam session? yes, it’s awesome.

but it would be cool to share a session with a few people