Renoise + Lauflicht Tool Reviewed

I am happy to announce that there is a review of the Renoise tool Lauflicht Step Sequencer Launchpad Edition in the latest issue May/June of the German print magazine “Synthesizer Magazin”, which was released today. :)
It is even featured with a small image on the cover (left bottom).

The review called “Lauflicht Step Sequencer 2.0” filed under the category “Software”, consists of 3 pages, with some part and full screen illustrations of Renoise and Lauflicht. The article covers in short some basics of Renoise and praises the “open minded possibility to create new plugins”. The author is quite impressed by the automation features of Renoise. Then the article tells how to install and use the Lauflicht Launchpad Edition and explains and reviews its features. Especially the keyboard mode and the control matrix are tested in detail, as well playing live. The author regards “the Launchpad as a help for playing and a medium for improvisation. This is working impressively” and says that “the hands-on element convinces me completely.”
Some more quotes can be found on my homepage

All in all a nice to read and a very positive article.


Well deserved!