Renoise LBP Thing suckz!

Hello together!

Why the LBP4 to LBP8 Change, changes the BPM speed in Renoise? In Reason only it change the Raster of midi Notes, when i change from 1/16 to 1/32 Note. I have testet that!!! If i make the LBP chance in Renoise, The Song is speeded up redicolous. And Renoise has no Midi Note Time Scaling function!!! That Suckz like Hell.
maybe for me that is killerthing to end up using renoise

:man_shrugging:t2: This is the desired effect. The BPM doesn’t change, only the number of lines that go by.

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Why don’t you stick with 8 LPB by default? It gives you perfect resolution, if you want 1/16 notes, you can fill in all notes in a beat, and either fill all the notes in another column with a delay value of 80, or use retrigger (usually R06). And with the midi time scaling, I think you may be referring with the expand function (in the advanced pattern editor).

And why then, this is not so in Renoise!!!

I looked in right side Pattern Panel there is no shrink/Expand, only useeless Quatize and Nudge functions



Thanks mate, that was helpful. I dont see the wood befor all the trees.

happy tracking