Renoise limitation

When loading a midi plugin ( in my case the fantastic midi modular loomer architect ) , renoise will not respect the defined midi channel ( set in the plugin )
I have just created a template in architect to control all the parameters of the virus ( emulation )
Since the virus is mulitimbral , it is essential to define on which midi channels these are send ( see screesnhot ) , but as soon as the routing is defined in renoise ( from midi plugin --.> to instrument ) it just disregards these explicit midi channels .
Meaning there is NO way to adress all these channels
The only thing renoise does is sending midi cc’s from the source plugin to the selected plugin without respecting the channel
This is NOT about aliases ( befor anyone jumps in :slight_smile: , that is something completly different
This is a severe limitation



Here’s another example , which I think makes things much clearer
I have loaded Microtonic and set it to mutlitimbral mode , which means that each drumpart can be played polyphonically (each having it’sown midi channel , from 1—>8)
In renoise we would then insert a new alias , select the midi channel of the alias et voila … we can adress all channels .
Now , as you can see in the screenshot , loomer architect is controllig microtonic ( midi routing )
Architect’s midi in = host (meaning it accepts key input from the host ) , the output is also host , meaning that it’s midi is going back to renoise ( from where we make the connection to microtonic ) , but it totally disregards the channel assignement I made in architect ( mdi channel 4 )
So microtinc will only receive on midi channel 1
PLease fix th