Renoise Linux D16 Vst's


I am having problems running the four D16 plugins (Phoscyon Devastor Drumazon Nepheton) with Renoise on Linux.
However I did manage to run Phoscyon and Devastor with Renoise 1.5 Windows with Wine, and Phoscyon with FST. Yes, I had to use an old Renoise Windows version in order to run it with Wine, cause it was complaining of a missing cursor file…

Is Renoise Linux compatible with all four? Do I really need Jack and Lash which FST needs to use it in Renoise Linux?

Renoise on Linux is no special application: it cannot run Windows plugins natively, so JACK, Lash and FST are required (this is true for any Linux application willing to run Windows VST’s).

you may also want to try this alternative method which uses EnergXT

Instead of running old Renoise through Wine, use the native Renoise Linux version with FST, it will be better on usability and performance sides.

the best option would be to use LADSPA plugins only, but the lack of DSSI support is indeed a pity. You can still run VST plugins compiled under Linux (such as Linux versions of MDA plugins) as Renoise supports them.