Energyxt As A Fst/lash Alternative

Long time, no post…

But anyway, I just discovered how to use energyXT through wine as a container for my windows plugins, sending midi tracks from Renoise! Anyone else doing this? If anyone else owns energyXT and hasn’t looked into FST and Lash, gimmie a shout if you need info on how to set it up! :)

I lost a couple of hours for doing this but I get no result. Do you use only Renoise, EnergyXT and JACK? Please post a your short “How to …”. Thank You! =)

I use energyXT2 windows, Renoise linux, jack and a linux plugin called ‘’ made by Drumfix. When you add as a vst in a Renoise track you get a new alsa output thingie in jack, and you connect this to energyXT midi in in jack. Then you can use up to 16 midi channels with one instance of Remember to receive only the wanted channel on each VSTi in energyXT…

I’ll post some pix when I get home from work… :)

“” that is what i missed. I’ll try it after work. :) Big thanks!

Allrighty, made a little collage ^_^

  1. First you load the (VST_Steinberg_Midiout) and create aliases for every midi channel.

  2. this should now appear in Jack (look before and after adding, for some reason it pops up as 'EnergyXT2 out here…)

  3. rout it to whatever midi in you use in energyXT

  4. connect the synths (one for each alias channel), and choose what channel to receive

When using multitimbral synths (like SampleTank) no channel selection in eXT is necessary…