Renoise Linux Install: Having Trouble With Desktop Menu Install

I’ve decided to give Ubuntu Studio a go. So far I like it a lot, and I’m trying to install Renoise, but I’m having some difficulty with installing the desktop menu in the FAQ. I’m at this point in the install:

"Save and close the editor. Let’s now install the entries in desktop environment. Back into the terminal and type the following:

$ cd xdg-utils
$ ./xdg-icon-resource install —novendor —size 48 —context apps …/renoise.png
$ ./xdg-icon-resource install —novendor —size 48 —context mimetypes …/renoise.png application-x-renoise-module
$ ./xdg-icon-resource install —novendor —size 48 —context mimetypes …/renoise.png application-x-renoise-rns-module
$ ./xdg-desktop-menu install —novendor …/renoise.desktop

Now your local installation of Renoise is integrated in your user desktop environment."

So when I type: ./xdg-icon-resource install —novendor —size 48 —context apps …/renoise.png
I get this:

xdg-icon-resource: file ‘—novendor’ does not exist

So I’m sure there’s something I’m missing. I’m a total linux newb, so this is all very confusing for me. Does anyone know what I’m missing or what I’m supposed to do next? Please help if you can, i’m very confused.

Ha nevermind, it’s already in the desktop menu! Maybe this part of the step is a little outdated?

Which instructions were you following to install it. I’ve tried a couple different ones and so far none have worked

I think its just that the ‘—’ in those instructions is supposed to be ‘–’
so the command would be like ./xdg-icon-resource install --novendor --blahblah

afaik the install script runs that for you though