Renoise live on stage

This is me and my band live on stage, sounds made on renoise!

our settings:

4 guys

3x macbook pro

3x akai apc40

2x NI Mashine

1x akai mpx16

1x keytar alesis

2x djm 900

2x cdj 2000 nexus


This is great to see, though honestly I have no idea who is doing what or how any of the sounds are being generated.

Hey, Weasel Buster!

Great to hear from you again :slight_smile: I definitively reminds me of when I started listening to harder music. Now I want to listen to my old Hardtek folder…

The music is great and I like the energy you guys are giving to the audience.

As Neurogami said, I’m not sure who is doing what.

Can you explain us a bit your band settings? Like, is there a guy doing only rythms, another one focusing on melodies, on samples, on mixing the rest of the band, … ?


There must be wild energy. How does it feel to fire up such crowd?

So the set up is different from track to track

The keytar plays the “easy” (not super retrigged) leads melodies or the melodic basslines

the pads play the fills and fx and some basslines on the dubstepish tracks.

the skelleton beat of the track can be either on cd for a clean beatmatch with previous track or from a computer where we can juggle between patterns for more improvisation. (i am the tall guy on the dj place, i manage the global mixing of my partners chanels and the cd mix, the keytar guy manages the strings and pad sounds when he s not using the keytar, and the 2 other guys do the fills, the short fx, with mashine and some beats and some basslines depending on the tracks)

the big layered chords are from the computer as well ( we use renoise and ableton live, depends on the situations, if we need a real massive kick like on the first drop of the video, we use renoise because no other software can compete for the fat kicks)

It’s really nice sensation to play in front of 50 000++ audience as a band, it becomes more “rock”, but when i play on events like that with my solo project i feel a bit lonely on stage in front of a sea of people, like playing at home because you re so far from the crowd that you cant get eye contact and real exchange. The monitors are so loud that you dont hear them screaming so it s a bit less delightful :slight_smile:

if you are interested i will try to find videos where we can see more the workflow but unfortunatly the other videos are shot in clubs with star wars lights blasting all around and a pretty dark ambient light and the camera guys focus more on sexy chicks than on the performance itself :smiley:

Ah ok, interesting.

I always like to understand a bit of what’s happening on stage when I see computer generated music.

It’s cool to see that you guys seems to have some space to mess around or improvise.

I listened to the video many times. Very energetic and fun!

thank you bro!

As we are 4 on stage, we can improvise mostly on the melodies and fills but not so much on the structure itself otherwise it can quickly turn into huge mess, an instrumental band can correct itself quickly during an improvisation but when 4 guys have loops and sequenced stuff under the fingers the chaos is really near because we dont use midi sync, all is beatmatched by hand