Renoise Live Stream Q+A with Ani Klang [Now on Youtube]

The Renoise Live Stream Q+A I did with Ani Klang is now up on the Youtubes! Recorded on June 10th, we attempt to answer your questions on the software, its use and how to do stuff. There’s a free Renoise track you’ll find in the info to folllow along any play with.

We gave out prizes for the best questions including a full Renoise license - thanks to the team for supplying that! It’s here as it went down, but hopefuly you can find something in here for you!


Chris [midierror]


Sweet!!!I will watch this right away.Finally we can see who is talking.I would prefer if you continue doing videos instead of just podcasts

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Thanks for the feedback, at the moment I’m focusing on them. They already take a lot of my time so other videos are planned but not high priority right now.

Hopefully you enjoy the Q+A!

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@midierror Hi Chris, thanks again for putting this together!

Regarding the podcast… Really like zoning out to the logo leaping over the mountains; helps me stay focused on the content and helps me to imagine how to implement some of the tips that are often shared during the conversations.

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Thats great, I’m not really very confident being so public but I’m really enjoying speaking to people. Had a very enlghtening chat this week! Thanks for the support.