Renoise Loading Time

Maybe it’s a misasumption from my side but when Renoise says “Creating a new song…” at loadup and it takes a great deal of time, it seems it scans the Song-directory. I was wondering how you guys setup your renoise song files in order to make Renoise load as quickly as possible?

My setup on the harddrive:

\Renoise Tracks - All my current tracks from 2008 (including backup-directories for the tracks)
\Renoise Tracks#2007 - Tracks from 2007
\Renoise Tracks#2006 - Tracks from 2006

And so on… I have somewhere between 100 and 150 tracks per year, so I do realize there’s a bunch of files to scan through, and atleast I think this made a difference (instead of having exactly all files in the same directory. But maybe I’m totally missing or misasuming something?

Just wanted to start a discussion about it.

I did a test by moving 85 renoise-mods away and starting Renoise, I couldn’t tell the difference. Seems to load just as long.

no, it says “creating a new song” to hide what it s really doing: uploading all your porn movies to taktik server.