Renoise.log flooding


found today while making backups:

I think Falcon 3.01 VST3 macos caused this, since yesterday, the gui was hanging. But I couldn’t read the actual entries of the file.

Maybe the log file should get a simple flood protection?

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It will shrink down to 4MB when you start Renoise again. Have you tried that?

Yes, didn’t change anything. The actual readable log wasn’t too long then, maybe those 4MB, but the filesize still was 100GB. Then rest then filled with binary data? Maybe some weird effect in APFS? Forgot to view the file with a hex editor…

I start to believe that this hadn’t anything to do with Renoise. Hadn’t 12.6.1 rebooted for about 4 months or so, also weird other stuff appeared, like laggy windows refreshes on virtual desktop change and so on. I guess those memory leaks were causing this. If I can reproduce this, I will post here again.