Renoise Logo

Any body have renoise logo in good quality ? :drummer:

Go to the front page of this website, hold down SHIFT+PRINT SCREEN

Go to MSPaint.


Cut it out of there



Hare Krishna.


from Add-Ons site section:

hi-res logo

Wasn’t the “e” incorrect on this version? I have vague memories of someone mentioning that it was wrong somehow.


Photoshop it out gangster!

:drummer: paint sucks))) has bad quality) ;)

No, this is the right one.

By MSPaint, I meant “A Stolen Copy Of Adobe Photoshop CSx”

But I didnt say it.

or gimp. if you’re going to steal, steal something that is free.

or… all of adobes programs have 30 days full trialversions.

I was joking.

My joke was based on the low level humour style often referred to as “irony”


Also, “gimp” is a little but strong, don’t you think?

Thought it was a joke. I’m just a bit annoyed by this, and felt like getting on my high horse: I know quite a few people who are using cracked versions of different software, Photoshop and Office are high on that list. This is people that would have got by with Gimp and Openoffice, but they go out of their way to find cracks instead of finding free software that does what they need to.

Not sure what you mean here?