Renoise Longtrack No. 1 Finally There!

You know what?

The first Longtrack masterpiece entirely made with Renoise and a bunch of artists from all over the world has been finally realized!
I don´t want to spend to much words about it, except: Personally I want to thank every single participant for contributing his great work. Everyone deserves it very well and I am proud to see the first kind of project like this finished.
And now take a look in the category “Downloads” of the Longtrack Homepage, get this Longtrack in a neato encoded 112kbps OGG-Format and don´t forget to give us some feedback in the renoise-forums or the longtrack forums ;)

Stay tuned and get ready for Longtrack II. It´ll be organised soon!

Currently enjoying this mega-mix whilst watching winamp’s beatharness plugins with lotsa underwater creature vids & effects, fits quite well I think. Lovin those melodies & great use of all the internal effects & commands. Really enjoying it & would like to take part in the next effort available (although I think I already singed up)! Hope I could come up to scratch, just what I’d need for some ‘forced inspiration’.

How about a track listing with timecodes?

thats 56mb of fancy stuff, listened though it all whilst i played some bf2 :P Cant say i enjoyed everything but there are gold in there, cool stuff !, or check the file info. ;)

The list actually has an offset of one, but you’ll get the idea.

don’t forget to thank Mr. Aszazin for making this possible!

Yup, thanks for giving the inspiration aszazin, a nice mixture of music has come from this. Were the pattern’s notes / ticks etc. used in the song mentioned in the “original topic” really maxed out? I know it’s fast, but it doesn’t sound like it used that much detail.

Yep, the offsets are quite obvious since I didn´t wanted to make myself so much work actually. Over time I forgot (I think most of the others too) anyway where excactly the work from the other guys started due to the mixed transitions :D

oh BTW.!

The Longtrack rns-source has been published :dribble:
You may get it from here!

Awesome!!! :D

I’m up for part 2 now, should we open for the usage of free vst’s?

Btw, Cyberwax… Don Hertzfeldt’s Rejected is awesome. :D

This is a great mix, many parts are impressive. Particularly grooving to some of the stuff by It-Alien, Sagosen, and ptrance’s little end bit.

Do you need to get the plugins to make the rns source work?

Nopies, Longtrack 1 was composed entirely without plugIns.

I suggest you to listen to the RNS by using ReNoise1.281, as version 1.5 has corrected a bug on sendtracks, so it will play the delay at the beginning a little bit different.

You can find ReNoise 1.281 at the download page.

downloading right now.
will listen as i get back to my computer.

Some really nice parts… Especially nice was 12:55 -> 16:45

Very multifarious compositions over the mix.
Was interesting to hear unusual (unlike his style) tunes from It-alien.
And various experimentations with sounds and styles…

BTW: Last tune inda mix is my favourite! ;)