Renoise Longtrack Project

Any news on what’s happening with the Renoise Longtrack Project??

We didn’t give up did we??


why are you asking this?

there is an official homepage to be updated.

Oh right.

Just got alittle worried, usually get emails from the participants of the project, havent recieved any in a while though.

Anyway, looking forward to my next turn


hmm… this is strange… maybe your address was not reachable for a while so the mailing list server kicked you off the list…?

what’s you address again?

the last messages were about iLL79 starting right after Man-At-Arms.

My email is censored by It-Alien

Haven’t recieved any messages in weeks.


Anyway, relieved the Project is still up and running.

for some reason you were not in the list, sorry… :huh:

Oh well…


Well at least we settled that problem then


Oh, and by the by, is there any chance you/anyone could send me the FTP adress to where the .rns & .ogg/mp3 files of the project is being uploaded?
Maybe in a “PM”?

I’m sorry to have lost it :unsure:

check your mail :)


for additional news there´s a thread about the project in the song forum

Got your e-mail, PT, thanks alot!