Renoise Love

…as a user of electronic drums and a long time renoise/tracker user, let me take a moment to give a MASSIVE!!! appreciation for those who constantly put the work/time in on making Renoise such an amazing program. this latest 2.7 upgrade has brought Renoise to a whole new level when being used as a drum brain. the multi-sample triggering, velocity control/layering and routing options in renoise make it a perfect tool for creating amazing custom drum kits that have great dynamic playability. cutting breaks and routing them to specific pads has never been such a joy to do…and the live tracking is spot on always. AMEN.

post some of your results :drummer:

I’m getting sick of these gratitude-bots! I think the admins are having a laugh!!

Joke: It’s good to see people appreciate the work of the developers so much just to pop on every once in a while and say Thank You :)

I’d definitely like to hear some of what you’ve done with it. I started playing e-drums about a year ago, but for drumming I’ve been using Reaper as a vst host for Addictive Drums. I haven’t really checked out the new 2.7 features much yet, but I’ll definitely have to give it a go now because of what you said :)

…playing e-drums live through renoise is like having your own sound man to manipulate efx while you play,(pre-programming parameter changes so i dont have to do a def leppard impression while i fiddle w/ buttons). renoise is much cheaper and wont stink up the car when travelling. will get some results up here soon. BIG FUN!!!