Renoise love

Hi, just want to say THANK YOU for creating this wonderful piece of software that Renoise is.

I come from the world of Amiga trackers, (Octa)MED mostly, and I’ve been playing a bit with Psycle and Buzz, but they’re not quite enough anymore. I’ve been trying out “proper” DAWs for quite some time, but I just can’t get into that piano roll crap. A couple of weeks ago I tried Renoise and I feel so right at home - everything is where it should be and works as expected - it has all the powerful tools yet everything is so easy and intuitive to pickup.

I wish the project flourishes and personally I’m purchasing a copy as soon as I create something with it (or when the limited features become too annoying if this comes sooner ; )

Welcome to da club :slight_smile:

and… just buy it. It will be your best money ever spent.

Indeed welcome rutra80!

Welcome to da club :slight_smile:

and… just buy it. It will be your best money ever spent.


Buy the software, you are safe from piano rolls round here haha

…untilthe developershave a revelation and envisions a new bright future for Renoise, based on this simple fact:

99.9% of all music producers on the planet are familiar with conventional DAW concepts (piano roll, linear arranger, audio tracks) but only 0.1% are familiar with tracker concepts. Offering the conventional concepts in Renoise will make Renoise and the tracker concept STRONGER, because more people will have the required headroom to experiment with the alphanumerical sample-mangling tracker concepts within the safe zones of conventionalism. That is, they will learn tracking, but coming into it from a another productive angle than Das Nichts.

It is 2016, nothing you do or say is going to start any kind of influx or interest in tracking, did i mention it is 2016.

There is a reason why other developers don’t add tracking to their respective software, i wonder what that is ?

Thanks everyone. I shall have some money to spare in a couple of weeks and probably that’s when I pay.

Regarding the piano rolls, I’d have nothing against feeling fluid when working with them. But I just can’t. It’s like with ZX Spectrum Basic which I mastered when being a kid and then was unable to grasp C, Java, etc. Some things kinda format your mind and then you’re stuck with them (whether it’s for the good or the bad).

oh, the Renoise is great.

thanks those crazy devs. thanks for letting me to feel the live software environment.

i hope its sustainable, cheers