Renoise-made Musics In Games/movies

let’s start with a shameless selfpromo :)

the music of Arcane Islands was entirely made in RNS

if you know any renoise songs made commercially or half-commercially for games or wide-known animations, let everyone know! :)


In Unreal, those UMX-Files are simple S3m/IT/XM-Files made with modplug/IT3 and FT2. And all of you know Jazz Jackrabbit.

But to be honest, I don’t know recent games with tracker-powered music. It’s difficult to find that out anyway because the music is streamed anyway.

there was an unbelievable amount of computer games using xm/it/s3m files, counting also death rally, omf, xixit, bejeweled and such…

the point is Renoise this time… and not just the format, just the information if some soundtrack of any game/movie is scored as “and it was entirely made in Renoise”, would be a good reference for the software, like “you can do musics with it as heard in XY production!”

A weird film called ‘The Last Day of Patient 606’ by Roy Huyzer has a soundtrack made in Renoise, also a short film called ‘Adagium’.

I made game trailer music for the Ps2/pc game ‘CrashDay’, from moonbyte software.

In addition I made a bomberman remix for a multiplayer game project on school.

You can’t even find this film on IMDb :(

Too bad… I’m kinda interested…

not surprised, it’s very arty … few people have a copy of it,
not even the actors, scriptwriter or soundtrackwriterguy

I wasn’t expecting some mainstream stuff either, but I used to find pretty much everything on this website… even some weird short films made by gaspar noe like 15 years ago… and some french canadian shows… all that kind of stuff is on it… well… its probably easier to find something made in america…

anyway… we can’t see every piece of art that was ever made :( … I still wish I could see everything…

you would be depressed when nothing is left :)

Take a look at

All music, sfx and jingles are made and processed in ReNoise (:

I don’t think the source of art will run drie anytime soon, so… ; )

over the weekend i had to put off my BB5 work to do a 20sec title piece for a new mtv reality show called “Dear mtv”.

Don’t know if they’re gonna use it or not yet.

Funny thing is…!!!1

the executive producer of the show said she needed a girlie-hiphop-techy tune. i had less then 24 hours to come up with something and nothing in my personal archive of tracks was gonna work with the title sequence they sent me.

so what did i do? :lol: I ripped off that Timbaland/Nelly track that they ripped off from Janne Suni (Tempest Acid Jazzed Evening).

i am totally f****ing serious!


edit: FYI, i didnt sample Timbalands track, i looped part of it up in a pattern and copied (with my own samples and synths) the tempo, beat, melodic rhythm (not the exact same melody), key and general mood. i did NOT use Janne’s mod.

…yeah… i guess its not that cool. :unsure:

i fight for the users.


that’s pretty rebel in my book ! :ph34r:

wish i had that kind of ‘work’ must be great… :)

dear mtv, pls play some music video’s !! hah.


ya actually im not big into the business or anything. its good to have friends with connections…

and i consider myself very lucky to get opportunities like that because im tragically antisocial.

as a matter of fact, i was asked to do the main soundtrack from an american mid-budget movie next year… all is just a plan yet but … oh gee i twist my fingers :D

Just to add - my friends put a trailer about pinball game they were developing in last 2.5 years on this youtube link for you to watch:

I just did music [in Renoise] and put some sfx in video file they sent me.
Also this video can be downloaded in bigger resolution from their website:

All best :)