Renoise Makers Background

What kind of education does the Renoise makers have?

I’m an average skilled computer programmer with a Bachelor degree in Computer Science from Norway, and i’m hoping to get as skilled as you guys are. :)
Maybe I can get some tips on what to study futher on on my Master degree…

My latest piece of work: click here :drummer:

I will finish my Bachelor in Computational Science this spring, and then
most likely proceed to a Master degree in the same subject. I’m at the
University of Oslo (the capital of Norway if anyone wonders).

As far as I know, taktik is completely selftrained in programming.
Renoise is a result of a lot of hard work from his side, for several years.

The others on the team will have to speak for themselves.

University courses will help you to a certain point, and give you a
foundation to build on. But practical experience with writing software
can often be more important. But even that won’t help you if you
don’t finish what you started.

Maybe I can get some tips on what to study futher on on my Master degree…

I can barely decide what I want to do myself :)

Så kult! :D

Jeg avslutter min Bachelor grad også til sommeren. Jeg skal gå videre 2 år til i Oslo rett etterpå. Kanskje vi sees der. :rolleyes:

i’m from singapore, studying for bachelors of computer engineering. it’s tough course with electronics and software having equal amounts of emphasis.

lots of geeks play with renoise… :P

Illusion softworks? cool, you make good games ;)

Which ones have you worked on/are working on?

Any plans for a coorperation mode for hidden and dangerous 2 in a future patch???

Hmm I just noticed hasn’t been updated for a long time :huh:

Sorry to take this off-topic.

i have a university-entrance diploma. after that i started working : 2 years screendesigner, 2 years webdesigner, 5 years coding webapplications (no! not html, mostly java, python and php stuff, for network - not necessary web - applications)

actually i was coding all the time since i ve got my zx-81. i loved to code Amiga-E :D

Now I am working in a small company dealing with CRM Software - Our company is in partnership with Frontrange (products Goldmine , Heat) and also third party addons.

In short we are trying to organize companies how to do their jobs better and more efficient :)

8 years in computer business …

a brief description

Computer Science Bachelor Degree
Dealing with CRM Business
Working with Document Management Systems
Did also many other things like programing in VB ,
Supporting customers , study security stuff , web desigh (no java) , graphic design .Created a site so as to help and support people of my country to understund the computer world. based on postnuke (Greek content)

wow, I’ve almost forgot about that language. a very neat hybrid of pascal, c and modula :)

just my 2 cents in this discussion: I work as a developer myself (almost a master of engineering, but took a “break” in my studies about 6 months before my exam and that break is still continuous today, 4 years later ;)), and during my 4 years as a profressional developer I have clearly noticed that self-taught super-dedicated computer-geek-programmers without any education are often much better programmers than the super-educated engineers and system developers that have taught everything at university and never wrote a line code before their days in school. ;) I’m not saying that studies is a waste of time though, I learned lot of thing when I was studying, things that I probably never would have learnt otherwise, mathematics was my favorite that I learned to love, the programming courses didn’t apply very much new information to my brain though ;) anyhow, the only thing I’m trying to say is that you can become a master in programming without a super degree, just as long as the interest and the dedication is there. :) If you want to become a skilled programmer then put the books beside you for awhile and start to code :D Experience is probably the most essential factor to become a good coder…

I agree with you twilek, but maybe only because I’m a self-taught too :)

This does not apply to programming only, anyway: music and art in general is where self-taught people do the best.

By the way, I work as a db-oriented programmer. I’ve made 11 exams out of 29 of electronic engineering degree (my father prevented me from studying programming :(), then in 1999 I had the chance to work as a programmer, and since then I’m working continuously.

University can be very humiliating in Italy: most of professors are maybe very expert, but also unable to teach; they just want people literally to suffer, and this is expecially true in souther Italy.

So I won’t come back.

I have similar experiences as twilek.

I started out my studies wanting to study informathics (computer science) only, possibly becoming a programmer or something like that (didn’t know exactly what I wanted). After a couple of courses I realized this too: I didn’t learn that much from the (first) informathics courses. Might have something to do with years of programming experience before… :)

That’s why I’ve taken a slightly different path, not focusing on pure informathics alone but taking courses more along the lines of numerical methods, more maths, and some mechanics. My Master will probably be along the lines of computer simulations of some phenomena, fluid mechanics being a likely subject.

Anyway, what you learn in a University is often to learn. Which probably makes it easier to keep with the rapid changes of technology in the future. But if all you want is to learn to program, experience is very important, and reading some books on your own doesn’t necressarily learn you less if you dont have to reproduce it at an exam… That’s completely up to yourself.

I just bought “Modern C++”, looks promising. (Newbies: this is not for you!)

I agree too… I also have a bachelor’s degree, but in electrical engineering. Well, actually I’m 2 courses short, but after 4 1/2 years of working I’ve kind of stopped caring about that :) I am self-taught in programming from the start, but on the other hand I wasn’t any good at it back then… And my three years of studying gave me no great programming skills either, but very much knowledge on related things like e.g. mathematics and hardware. After all I learnt C syntax at the university, but really… how hard is that!? :) But working as a programmer you learn most things pretty quick. It’s definately experience that counts!

I’ve been thinking about offering my services to help develop Renoise, but on the other hand I don’t have that much spare time and my windows related programming skills are quite limited. But then again it would be really fun!..

Yes. If anyone takes a half semester course or two in programming anywhere and expects to become a good programmer, that’s one of the first naivities of newbies :) But, there are plenty of experienced programmers around who probably has a lot to learn from the more advanced programming courses that are offered. But then again, a diciplined mind can learn this from books alone without having a professor reading it to you.

Careful now, we might believe you!

You wouldn’t need any windows programming experience. You would however need that little spare time, and C++ experience, not just C. If you haven’t used C++, you could still hit the books and join us later :)

But it is possible to make smaller separated code modules that we integrate with Renoise whenever they’re finished.

If you’re interested, send us a mail (taktik and martin at renoise), and we can discuss it.

Can I ask you one question? How much time do you spend per week on programming renoise?

Don’t hold me to it, but I’ll consider it for sure. :) I have a few projects taking up too much time now, but in a couple of months we can talk about it again.

It was a while ago I used C++, and not that much either. But I have an understanding and experience of OO in other languages so it’s not a big deal really…

From 0 to 20, perhaps. I don’t really count. Average? I don’t know :unsure:

I asked taktik the same question once, he didn’t count either but he told me that he atleast had time to get drunk and have a girlfriend… lol :lol: