Renoise Manual Project

Just saw that new board and I think I´ve totally missed something here.

Will this one be some kind of new tips & tricks resource or something like that?
A place where everybody can share his/her expierience while using the approriate topic??
Or just a playground for Kyriacos? :P

Someone here to explain please??? :)

huh !? how did you see that ? i thought we have made it private only.

anyway, a good time to explain it a little bit.

there will be a renoise manual project, where ppl can contribute and take care of an chapter or more. right now we are preparing the final version of the TOC and adapt existing manual into the new structure.

the workflow will be something like this (of course this might change if stuff gets too complicated)

a separate board section (which you seem to have spottet already) will be used to handle the first version. there will be one sticky thread with the complete TOC and status info of each chapter. a status would be :

  • complete
  • needs spellcheck
  • draft
  • empty
  • in work / locked by [nickname]

this thread will also be closed, so only the manual coordinators (right Kyriacos and me) can make updates to this one. as a result, ppl who want to contribute must get in touch with us, so we can assign those jobs.

the manual is beeing written using the latest Open Office (1.1.1) version. This should enable us exporting it (via xml) to other formats.

our time-schedule looks like this:

  • thursday : Kyriacos should have finished porting the old manual into the new structure, meeting on ircnet
  • sunday : i should be done with checking it once again and defining the final stylesheets which can be used in the document, no other style presets are allowed. meeting on irc and going public with the current manual.

alpha-manual downloads will be offered as PDF and OpenOffice documents, so ppl can take a look and decide if they want to contribute a chapter to it.

Once the manual has been completed we consider going a step futher and posting in on a wiki-system, so pll can easily add comments to it and even modify some chapters. right now this step would cause chaos since there will be a lot of stuff to do in the right order.

so, if anyone is beeing interessted in contributing to the manual, stay tuned till next weekend. i will keep you informed. if you want to join the core-team and not only contribute a small amount of the manual, but you are crazy about writing many chapters and helping us with the organization… drop me a mail and join us next thursday on irc.


Just one possible suggestion. Would it also be at all possible if the new manual might come in PDF (Acrobat) format, please? This way it would be exceptionally easy to configure it for printing out, for making ourselves a paper-manual.

Many thanks.

Just grabbed the new manual (not much to it yet, I see). Need any help with this? I would be happy to throw in my 2c with what I’ve done with Renoise, tutorial style or whatever. Of course I can’t talk about what I haven’t done yet.

pdf availability : yes. with fancy bookmarks.
docbooc-availability: probably yes
html-availability: sure
chm: not sure right now, probably yes.

about contributing to the manual:

every help we can get is appreciated. as it turns out there will be 2 projects. one for the technical manual and one for tutorials. serious writing for the manual will start as soon 1.5 beta is available. more details on the manual topic short after the beta-release.

i want a manual !!!

not in 2 years if possible

hurry up please

a lot of people need it


if you need it so badly why dont you help us instead beeing that harsh ? in case you did not realize the fact that renoise is made in our free time and there is no company behind. its community-driven, so, if you feel like you can contribute, go on! we would appreciate that.

another fact : current release (1.28) DOES contain a manual.

Documentation is one thing, tutorials is another, these can be written very quickly with help of a desktop recorder tool. And anyone can record a cool trick.

What’s the general desktop recording streamer you used for your previews?

for screen-recording i have used :
there are much better ones outside, like that one from robohelp which is able to record flash files but they have drawbacks. they dont like direct-x interface where a lot of stuff ich changing, they thend to take a screenshot on a user interaction (press a key or mouse) and apply a simple diff / rle to the previous frame. that means animations cant be recorded easily.

about turials : well those will be nice. but again, first we need a technical documentation, tutorials will just be a nice “addon” (although a very important one)

A very, very important one indeed.

(btw, your avatar isn’t from Maniac Mansion?)

it is.

Owhno, i don’t mind if it is not good enough, for flash i rather use the sendtoflash option in Pinnacle Liquid Edition.
It’s just i was looking for desktop recording software that records as well as video as audio and records it to a non-proprietary encoded format that i can import in Pinnacle Edition AND doesn’t cost me half my pay-roll (like Camtasia Studio from
Besides, in Pinnacle i can add vocal comments underneath it.

Though i don’t know or figured out all the smooth tricks, but if anyone can give 'm (pure renoise related, no involvements of specific VST(I) stuff!), i shall make an attempt to make a few shots in a month and see if i can publish them somewhere.

I’ll start scanning down the tips’n’tricks section first



maybe it’s possible to store this in a “special-FAQ’s” section

agree Bantai, this is really important to include this info into a manual

serious manual editing has not really started, because it was planned to start when beta would have been released.

Not that it is at 0% status, but of course we have to know which is the definitive features asset before we can start editing the final manual

just hope the manual be ready before i dead !



No offence but I think it shouldn´t be too hard to self-explore the program until the final manual is ready ;)

Renoise isn´t a secret nor a myth if you have already been into tracking

Yes ptrance you are right…i know what tracking is, i start with ft2

but im not an explorer… :D