Renoise Master & Reason Slave Question: Recording Sliders

Hello all,

First post here after downloading Renoise - I must say, awesome program, I’m really blown away.

Now, I’m also very fond of Reason, which I would like to use as a slave to renoise, because I love the instruments, but hate the sequencer in Reason.

So what I got running so far:

  • Renoise Master rewire, and Reason as slave - works
  • All syncs up, I can make instruments in Renoise and map them to reason instruments
  • Found out how to use reWire-in device to send and control knobs & sliders on Reason

Now what I would love to do, is manually change the sliders/knobs and any setting on the Reason device and make it reflect and record in Renoise in either envelopes or on the effects column - that I can’t seem to figure out at all!

I did find a workaround that’s not really doing it for me, and that’s recording the automation of Reason in reason’s sequencer itself - however, if you repeat patterns in renoise, it doesn’t reflect in Reason.

How can I do this - if it is at all possible?

Yes, but this is entering the parameter values in Renoise. I would like to drag the sliders or knobs in Reason while Renoise records it.

Is this possible?


Ah, no, it’s not possible, I think.
In Renoise, we can record the movement of Renoise’s sliders only.