Renoise maybe on fx column

Does the maYbe command work on the FX column?

I’d like to use probability on Midi CC messages.


@The_Otter_Years - does not show any MIDI CC message MaYbe commands. Speculating, though -

Using the Instrument MIDI control:

What if you were to avoid putting in notes, and just use FX commands like 0Yxx to trigger MIDI CC, using the Instrument MIDI Control as your link to whatever MIDI device you plan on using? Or, what if some MIDI note was/is necessary? Hard to say, I don’t use MIDI with Renoise.

You pose a good question - thank you!

is there anyway to do this?

Yes; one way would be to use Instr MIDI Control, then use things like noise and lfo’s and hydra to move its sliders. you could then, perhaps, later use the fx column to disable the cc randomizer. timtowtdi.

aha nice thinking… i could use another LFO set to square to randomly turn on/off the Hydra.

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