Renoise Meeting - The Poll -

nope :)

That car ruined two(!) evokes for me. I won’t touch it…

Berlin then? Because berlin is great.

Sure it’d be nice to join. But this year I won’t get any vacation so I’m bound to weekends. NE and DE are very possible for me. I’d also love to travel to France again but I’d have to look up my options because of the distance. Still it’s possible somehow I think.

Hmm… Berlin is something like 700km. I’m not sure if my car can handle that! :D Maybe it’s better to go with the bus or train perhaps. It would be cheaper, too…

But if we are going to a place like Cologne (only 300km or so), the car could handle it with ease :)

I would love to come as well. The Netherlands would be very much preferred as location, but I guess it also depends on where most attendees come from :)

Berlin or Amsterdam!

Is someone going to the Infected Mushroom / Shpongle show in Belgium tomorrow? Maybe we can have a mini meeting there if more Renoisers are attending :)

meeting up some time & somehere would be cool, i’d do my best to be able to join. always wanted to visit holland :)

Alas, no … but if anyone’s attending Squarepusher in Amsterdam 28th November…

and in ghent the 30th of novembre

Anyone attending BFTV this weekend? :P

Not really my cup of tea :P

We need a site-wide-calendar. So registered users can enter gigs and stuff :) Maybe others would attend. There has to be some kind of hack for this board, IIRC ;)