Renoise Meeting - The Poll -

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i want to determine how many of us would really be able and willing to come.
so make your choice.

if you chose YES,
please mind leaving your name / making a brief post.

if you chose YES, but…
please mention your conditions.

if you chose NO,
well, greetings to your cat.

if you are logged in as “taktik”, please let us know your thoughts towards this. :)

sure, but not if it’s on the other side of the world for me :)

i think anything else but netherlands/germany doesn’t make any sense.
so everyone who picks the first option, actually says he’s okay with either of the two countries.
i’m in anyway. :)

Yes, but i’d have to already be in Europe. My GF is supposed to do two months in Latvia sometime in 2009 but not sure when.

Or it’s a cheap flight and an impulse buy leads to a crazy weekend of me flying to another continent to participate.

Yes, but if I know atleast month or two ahead, so I can keep some money. Also if the transportation and other costs go over the head then I can’t come. So I would prefer cheap place to stay and place where I don’t have to travel through the whole europe.

This must be me. Sorry, I have followed the other meeting thread but was too lazy to answer yet. You can count me in where ever it is! Another thing I would love to do (before?) is a Renoise-dev meeting. Although I’ve met most of you over the time it would be great to either just have some fun with you all or to settle/discuss some Renoise dev related stuff / future.

if the date is compatible with my work (which also implies that I will not spend 2 days just to reach the event), I will be in. Also a good amount of time between the official announcement and the event would simplify things.

I’m in!

dortmund is not fracne, kaneel,. :expressionless:
but the location is so far just a proposal, not a determination.

great, really pleased to hear so!

i remember us discussing this at last year’s evoke already, so it’s long overdue meanwhile.
but actually i thought we could combine this with the meeting planned here, elsewhat i assume that a lot of the team members are going to make an “either / or” decision, when deciding to which meeting to come.
but that’s just me guessing.

Yes, I think that would make more sense.

  1. Organize a developers meeting one day before behind closed doors.
  2. Make the developer meeting on the morning, and main event in the evening.
  3. Discuss developer stuff in the other corner, where nobody hears. :)
  4. Discuss some stuff publicly, as the group of people coming on the event is pretty limited anyway and consists mostly of developers. So there won’t be so much of: “Hey let’s make this!!!”

We should also get a beamer. So maybe if someone wants to talk about something he can show some slides. And also later we can watch youtube videos of Rick Astley. Some other music videos or some VJ’ing or renoise liveset. :)

I live in Houston, Texas is the US.

I would love to meet you guys…but I can’t cough up the money for a plane ticket to europe…

(love the new beta BTW)

I’m game. :)

I’ll come with my gf if we get the money we deserve. :P We should make up a date. I suggest Holland for chiller athmosphere. How many days are you planning this meeting would last? Should we rent some cheap place and everyone could sleep there and go shopping some food in the afternoon? Should we rent subwoofers and main speakers to play only renoise made music? =) Maybe we should make up a date where all the attenders come to #renoise @ and talk about the meeting. that would make things a lot easier to decide.


  • Jussi

i’d love to come if i could afford it, i guess vienna is not going to be an option is it :P

I’m saying yes, but Netherlands, or anywhere in Europe except Germany. Since my last visit through there, I feel I should steer clear! Money is always an issue for me at the moment, but if the timing’s good I’ll get there, and if you hold it in the UK, I’ll definitely be there.

p.s. Beamer - no problem with me, hell I could get you lasers, foggers & shizzle!

I’m in. I prefer the Netherlands but the location Keith suggested in another topic would be fine aswell! I have room for one passenger in my car…

I take every opportunity I can to visit Vienna, I fell in love with that city :)
Also have a some friends there. There’s this one squat that used to be a theatre
in Vienna, that would be one sawesome location! I can’t remember the adress tho,
but I could look it up. Played some shows there in the past, real fookin sick place!

I’m IN!!! :smiley:
Netherlands/Germany/France, its all OK with me. But since my organisatoric skills are bad I will leave that up to others ;) (yes I’m lazy)

Groningen is easy to reach for me as there’s a DAILY bus-transport from Oldenburg/GER to Groningen/NL :) - So NL is easier for me than germany :)

yes, don’t even dare to use your car plskthx :P