Renoise Memory in OSX Spikes to over 50+ Gigs

Using OSX Mojave 10.14.6

Only using 2 short samples from the renoise library in a simple song as I am still learning. I also had a few tools installed, but uninstalled all of them to make sure it was not one of them.

Here is what happens…

I got one sample with an envelope affecting pitch. I saved this envelope as a preset.
As soon as I apply this envelop to the second sample within 15 seconds memory in Renoise spikes to over 50 gigs and continues. I have to force quit. It replicates every time.

I tried to upload the song file, but as a new user it said I am not able to upload.

Any help would be much appreciated.



The bug seems to be occur when…

  1. I create a modulation for Sample 1 and set a midi map to this modulation. Then save the modulation as a preset.
  2. I apply the preset to Sample 2. As soon as I do this the app memory fills up like country fried hot potato pie.

Hope this helps you guys with a patch… otherwise maybe this is unique to my system.


Thanks for figuring out the details. Could you please share this preset with us, to ease replicating the issue?