Renoise Memory Leak with VSTs?

I was just fooling around with some vst’s in renoise beta1 (one vst at one track only) and quit to do some proper work :rolleyes: . After a while I noticed the memory level in System Monitor was full, so I opened it to see what ate all my RAM. On top of the list was a sleeping Renoise using 946Mb!

After I killed the renoise process, the monitor display showed a memory usage like this:

I’ll try the new beta to see if it does the same…

This might be just the VSTi leaking. Try it with some other program to see if it behaves like that aswell.

Indeed very unlikely that this is caused by Renoise, but Renoise is in overall not that small on RAM.
Please let us know which VSTs you’ve used and if this only happens when using VSTs, so that we can test this in depth.

Yes, it was probably one of the vst with fubar GUI leaving Renoise running in the background or something (zynaddsubfx, synth4 or maybe peggy 2000)… Can’t seem to replicate it with beta2 though…

Also, beta2 works great with in-renoise ALSA settings now, and CPU usage is much lower as well! Great work! :)