Renoise Mentioned In Computer Music Issue 100

Cool, Renoise in CM magazine. :yeah: I might have a look at it (the magazine) the next time I see it! :D

Yeah, well, it’s nice to know what others have done so i can do it differently. :P

I like CM, simply because it’s about music. On the computer. I never read the how-to-sound-like.etc and rather go windowshopping in articles on hardware/software I could find useful. I also find the tutorials on any other sequencer then Renoise non-interesting. And yeah, it’s a shame they do take up too much space…

Then I read something about how to get the most out of vocals, a couple of FX tips and something about RNS and I’m pleased.

Oh, and Sunjammer, stop picking up Future magazines, you’re just hurting yourself! Bet you’re pissed at Nemi as well, hehe… Stick to Jason & Edge and you’re well off!

I think the operative word here is ‘mentioned’…
CM know next to nothing about trackers! They’ve been ignoring them ever since their first issue - and trackers existed long before that ‘landmark’ in history. Computer Music are merely trying to be ‘trendy’ - who needs them? Who needs physical magazines with biased reviews, where every month something ALWAYS gets a 9 out of 10 review? I rely far more on the words of people on this forum and others, who actually use this software, produce great music, and have nothing to gain by saying anything for or against it.

When you look at how many people use trackers compared to other music software, it’s got to be far more than 0.5%, or whatever the proportion of the magazine is occupied by the ‘Totally Trackers’ column.

When CM put a great tracker song on the cover disc, with said tracker, and do a tutorial on how it was made, then I’ll start believing they are serious. Until then, it’s all appeasement and lip service.

(Clue: Hunz’ Sarah’s Song or Oceans from Rain in .bmx format would be the ultimate guide on how to produce a ‘professional’ song, using just a tracker.)

I have to laugh at CM’s comment ‘born from the genius that is Arguru’, as if they know sod all about him. I was telling them this more than five years ago on their forum, before they banned me. They didn’t seem too aware of Arguru’s genius then, and they are no more aware now. CM suck. They have to write certain things to sell their mag., hence they are constantly finding the ‘next big thing’ for their readers to be ‘excited’ about. Today it happens to be trackers. Tomorrow it will be something else. (Reason 103, no doubt). They don’t have tutorials or articles about trackers because they don’t understand them, and are unaware of ‘the scene’, yet pretend to be qualified to talk about computer music! Trackers are the epitomy of computer music, but CM aren’t interested in them at all.
If that picture of Renoise and the tiny bit of text above it is all that constitutes their tracker coverage for an entire month, then it’s a complete joke.
I can find out literally a thousand times more in just a few minutes on the internet. And it’s unbiased information too…

Too true. They rely on this year’s new generation of ‘musicians’ who know nothing about computers or music, and who will happily lap up whatever rubbish CM is selling them this month. That’s why you still hear newbies talking about Reason as if it’s something amazing “It’s like a whole rack of synths!” they say…

The mags. are for people with more money than talent (which would be most people) who think that by buying a new VST or music program, that they will suddenly be able to write good music. I notice that CM have never had a tutorial on how to write a decent tune…

What do the writers at CM know about music? What music have they written?
You’re much better off downloading .rns and other tracker files, loading them into the tracker, and then working out how it was done that way. For free. And you get to listen and learn from the tracks that you like, not read about how some genius mixed the latest U2 album using 129395935khz recording and how it’s just SOOOOO amazing…

Ronan (of CM) wouldn’t know a good computer music song if it bit him in the ass.

Perhaps he can do a special of all his favourite C64 chip tunes next month? (Cue Ronan hurriedly searching for websites with good chip tunes on, so he can pretend he’s ‘hip’ and ‘down with the kids’…)
These fools know nothing about what they pretend to talk about, and it’s very obvious…

The way to spread the word about Renoise is to write good songs with it, copy them, give them to people, and make sure there is a .txt. file with each song that says it was created on Renoise (or put it in the ID3 tag).

We don’t need the support of commercialised pap like CM and Future Music. They can stick to reviewing Reason 100333 and telling their latest bunch of newbies (i.e. the only people who bought the mag. this month) how amazing it is, and how they MUST buy it…
And how there’ll be a tutorial on it next month, so they’d better buy next month’s too…

It’s all bullshit.

:yeah: Totally agree!

To XG2003 and Sunjammer:

I thought about writing a longer reply but ultimately all I want to say is that I agree - these magazines are a bit wank. As you’ve both pointed out, they really only cater to the newbies who might be picking up the magazine that particular month, with articles like “How to sound like X!!” or “How to recreate Song XYZ in Reason!!”, etc. It’s the only economic way for them to do business I guess, since “normal” customers/users tend to lose interest after 6 months or something like that. They have to constantly recycle and regurtitate the same stuff just to find new customers.

These days I only buy Computer Music or Future Music when they have some interesting-looking samples on their DVD. Aside from that the mags barely hold my reading interest while I’m taking a shit - they end up gathering dust, half-read on the bathroom floor, and eventually thrown into the trash.

But either way, it’s exposure for Renoise that otherwise might not be happening. I think about the reader base of magazines like CM - thousands and thousands of people - then I think about how many of them would see this little tracker “article” in the magazine and get curious enough to visit the Renoise website. Regardless of what I personally feel, the end result is that more people are learning about Renoise and tracking, which can only be a good thing in my opinion.

So when I grab a copy of a popular magazine in a kiosk and I see that Renoise or another tracker is mentioned there, then yes I get a little bit excited. Excited because more people in the world are being exposed to something that I’ve loved since I was a young child in the late 80’s. Something which I still love and have used exclusively as a method of making music for almost 20 years now.



Oh nice one! Good to see Renoise getting some exposure ;)

Yeah, it is hard to find decent reading material these days - when I got started I remember FM taught me everything - there was very little about on the internet, no dance-synths, the odd sample CD, but you were basically on your own - which is probably why so many new genres popped up back then…

But it’s got me thinking, what kind of articles would you like to read now?

Imagine if you could ask anyone anything - whether it’s a famous musician, a world-class producer, engineer, mastering engineer, software or hardware developer, etc.

That ban still hurts, eh?

I do tend to agree, though. Still, it is a nice mag for beginners. SOS has to be the best mag IMO, but I would love it if someone made a mag that was as detailed but aimed at trakers or similar musicians…

I don’t need a magazine to tell me what to use or how to do my music, I got Renoise because of peer pressure.
I want to be one of the cool kids too! :P