Renoise Merch Question

i know you can get t shirts, hats, sticker and … err thongs :dribble: but can you please do a renoise mug?

Make your own.

that would be sweet

i need lots of coffee when im producing


Really ,I am serious

in my humble opinion the merchandise will stipulate the plausible retail of any projects implemented goal. quite remarkable to establish amicable ambiguity in the modern tracker generation. Thus, we must generate new ideas as we prevail in our modern workable environment. perhaps a new interface, something highly intelligent and sophisticated.


I want a woolly cap with a Renoise logo. I’d protect my head from frostbite and snow bats while fighting ice wolverines on the frozen tundra, then people passing by would see the logo and recognise me as a tracking man.

rofl :D

pfff, cumon…you don’t really talk like that.

im not sure they have a renoise hat mod for world of warcraft

Im still waiting for a true awesome renoise t-shirt.
I want the logo from top to bottom and little c-405 thingy’s all around it…

…that would be so awesome I’d probably buy two. (EXTREEEEME)