Renoise Merchandise Update?

Renoise merchandise, as seen at the bottom of this page:

As a north american with 3 black t-shirts and an old crusty mouse pad, I’m jealous of the EUR/JP store. :)

I’d really like some stickers, a baseball cap, and better colors. These aren’t available in the international store.

Is this possible?

oooh, nice! : DD haven’t seen that hat before.

Yep. The American store offers pretty much the same items as the European store, but it does require that both accounts be updated separately. I filled up the Euro store with a lot of new stuff, but simply lost track of time and didn’t get around to the American one yet. I plan to update the American store pretty soon though, probably after I get to Berlin in a few weeks. Stay tuned :)

Cool! Good luck with the move. Looking forward to a new hat.

Can we move the large TM from inside the logo.

So does this mean that us Canadians will have the AWESOME hoodies avaiable soon? And the touques? =)

This is my bump stick!

Cut and paste from column A to column B soon, or there won’t be a honeymoon.

Seriously, need a refill here.


whats up with that NA update, it still only has a few shirts. i wouldnt mind a hoodie or hat, but im not paying crazy international shipping prices for one.

I’m rather curious myself. I’d really like a hoody :unsure:

i was just going to get a hat and hoodie off the other eu one but itd be like 90 bucks. really wish theyd just update the na one.