Renoise Midi Controller mapping VST Plugins

Hello experts, today i install my vst plugins in renoise. I am a newbie and come from another daw. I can use the vsts, all fine. The only thing that i dont know at the moment is. I set my midi controller as midi in. And it works with makros on other devices. But how can i map knops of my vst with my controller?
The knobs of the vst are not light up in the learn mode.
Big thanks forward

The ’ *Instr Automation ’ track device can be helpful for this.

This thread might give you the answer. But you don’t need any MIDI controller to use your VSTs properly in Renoise. All you need is the “Instrument Automation” device, just like @Jek said.

Hi and thank you, ok. Can i use it to tweak my controls?

Maybe i need a step by step tutorial. Didnt get it working …

… i cant use macros in my plugin

Instrument Automation looks like this:
First select the VST you want to control with the Instrument Automation device, then select the desired parameter on the left (click on the arrow), and then you’re ready to go.

In case you only want to tweak VST knobs via your hardware MIDI controller, just read the thread that I’ve linked above. Personally I don’t use any hardware, so I don’t have experience with a MIDI controller.

Ok thanks, i understand how it works i do this on other instruments. But I can’t find the automation device or macro device to put it in my plug in …

I’m not sure what you’re talking about. You can’t put the Instrument Automation device “in your plugin”, you have to put it in your track effect chain, just like shown in the GIF above. Verstehste? :wink:

Ohaa … so langsam dämmerts mir. Mache meinem Newbie status alle Ehre :slight_smile: komme von ableton live.
Oh yes - it works. Thanks mates :wink: puh

So what’s your solution now? Graphical automation via Instrument Automation device? Or did you find the answer in terms of MIDI mapping in order to use your MIDI controller in the thread that I’ve linked above? That thread is exactly about what you was asking for and it’s solved, so check it out if you haven’t already.

Na dann herzlichen Glückwunsch! :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks mate, well i put the instrument automation on my track thats incl. my vst and then i can map the macros. Works perfect. Big thanks :wink: Bedankt