Renoise Midi-IN not available in Windows 10

Hello, why in my Windows PC the Renoise Midi-In is not available?

On the mac is there…

So i can’t routing multiple midi to one VST instrument.

I’ve tried to reinstall it but nothing.

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This is a OSX specific thing. OSX supports virtual, inter-application MIDI devices. Windows does not.

There are free tools for this on Windows though. For example:


Thank you very much

Ok so i’ve installed loopMIDI and LoopBe1.

Now i’ve two midi virtual port in Renoise to routing the USAMO vst.

I’ve set the USAMO vst input to looMIDI, and the next instrument midi output to the same port.

The USAMO vst receive the input but continually write his midi out on the track. So i’ve the notes always dubbed.

Also with the USAMO vst midi output set to OFF.

How can i avoid this?

Thank you