Renoise MIDI instrument to another Midi instrument using tonespace

I’ve been trying to find alternatives to programs im skeptical on buying currently like Cthulhu which takes a keypress from external midi or your keyboard and sends another set of midi to another instrument or VST like synth1 or internal synth.

How would I be able to route info from tonespace into something like synth1?

I use MUX vst (WIN only?) to solve these types of problems (midi and audio routing, the occasional piano rolling, it does rex files, which i don’t use anyway). I know sometimes Minihost gets recommended, but it’s main advantage over MUX is that it is free. You can route midi and audio and such however around in MUX in a simple modular buzz/aodix way and send an audio/midi output to renoise for renoise to reroute to the extent that it can.

It’s almost perfect for me, I dunno if it’s really what you mean though.

But, you can route (midi) info from an arp or chord gen vst into something like synth1 on the renoise vst panel if that is all you need to do. You will see the drop down and list of other loaded instruments if your vst outputs midi. On 3.1, anyway. Works fine, no worries.