Renoise MIDI Out Send bank change without MSB

Hello, and thank you for providing a forum for my help.

I have a Nord Lead 2X synth w/ MIDI I/O capability. From Renoise MIDI Tab, I cannot get Renoise to send a proper Bank select msg to the Nord, because Renoise sends both a Bank LSB and MSB message to the NORD, followed by the PG change cmd, but the NORD will only change bank when there’s is a Bank LSB cmd followed by PG change…

In Conclusion, I must cause somehow the disappearance of the Bank MSB command to get things working correctly. I was hoping I could do this from inside Renoise??

Furthermore, Renoise isn’t changing its bank when I change from the synth, because it must be expecting a Bank MSB from NORD but NORD firmware does not do this :[

My alternative solution is to create an external virtual MIDI instrument to do the translating for me but that’s a bother, so please help me do it the other way. Thank you :]

Maybe use the Inst. MIDI Control meta device. In it you can send only a cc32 without the cc0.

I know there are fancier renoise tools for custom midi stuff as well, but I don’t know about those.

I know there are fancier renoise tools for custom midi stuff

The Guru tool, for instance. It’s basically a sysex librarian style tool

(and, yes, it’s made for Renoise 2.8, but should be able to upgrade/work nicely in 3.0 as well)

User micha is talking about Nord Lead support here