Renoise MIDI OUT to sync devices

Hello! I signed up so I could specifically ask this question.

I’m basically trying to get ALL my gear synced up to the Renoise MIDI clock. I’ve had success getting individual gear to play in time with the Renoise clock by going to Preferences-> MIDI and setting MIDI clock master to whatever channel I’m sending MIDI clock messages to. I’m able to send messages to and from my devices by setting up MIDI input/output devices; however, I’m unable to get all my gear to sync up (i.e. start/stop when pressing spacebar in Renoise and synced in time to Renosie master clock). Basically, I want to use my MIDI interface as a hub to send MIDI thru messages to all my gear to sync them up to the Renoise sequencer.

My setup: Macbook pro, Renosie V3.0, MOTU Midiexpress 128, MC505, x0xb0x, tr606 synced with Doepfer MSY2, Korg Minilogue.

Thanks in advance!

Yes, Renoise doesn’t send out clock on more than one MIDI port.

In case all your gear is using good ol’ DIN connectors, they usually have MIDI-thru as well. So you could “daisy-chain” the MIDI sync signal from one box to the next? Otherwise, the solution is usually to pass the MIDI clock to some hardware to duplicates the signal. For example:

But in your case, it really seems you have plenty of outputs with that MOTU box :slight_smile:

In your case, I’d probably pass MIDI from Renoise to some thirdparty software to split it as needed, before passing it to the MOTU.