Renoise Midi Parameter Values 0>127? Or Just 0>64?

Hi :)

I’m using Renoise to automate CC-data for controlling an external synth. However, I realised that effects/parameter values in Renoise are spread amongst just 64 different values (ie. 40 Hex), while normally MIDI tends to use 127 different values for each MIDI CC-parameter?

This only applies for entering values directly into the tracker, rather than automating it via envelopes. But I assume that the envelopes also only transmit a range of just 64 midi steps?


So, does Renoise, like, send out values of 00, 02, 04, 06… up to… 126 (ie. 64 different values), as opposed to 00, 01, 02, …126 ?

Much apprec.

I think that 0x40 this is just because it shall be compatible with old trackers. Pretty dumb way to do it though ;)
It would have been much better if the max value for all parameters would have been atleast 0x80 right from the beginning ;)
I think this shall be fixed somewhere in the future, don’t know when thought…
The resolution of the MIDI CC Device is 127 though.
You can not zoom in the automation window though so there is a bit hard to set exact values there, you get better precission there with a higher resolution of your song…